San Hima 2 Bicycle Carrier Rack Bike Car Rear 2″ Hitch Tow Bar Mount Platform


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This bike carrier provides a stress-free way to transport your bikes.
Each bike is secured at both wheels and the at the frame providing a more stable and safe ride.
Soft, frame-friendly bike hooks securely grab onto the frame of the bike to hold it in place.
Padded arms protect the bike frames from accidental nicks and scratches during transport.
Cushioned hooks are adjustable for different sized bikes and ratchet down for a tight fit.
Ratcheting hooks slide smoothly up and down the mast with a push button.
The innovative tray-style design makes loading and unloading easy and efficient.
The wheel loops fold up and the upright arm folds down for easy storage.
Wheel hoops are adjustable at each end to fit the length of the bikes.
Secures bike wheels into wheel hoops with secured rubber straps.

Brand: MPN SGBR001A
Material Steel
Rack Carrier Type:Upright
Hitch compatible:1-1/4 and 2 Hitch Receiver
Bike Capacity 1 or 2 Bikes
Finish Black Epoxy Powder Coating
Max Load:35lbs per Bike
Package Size:100*25*13cm

Product Contents:
1 x Platform Bike Carrier Rack
1 x User Manual

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Weight 13.80 kg
Dimensions 100.00 × 25.00 × 13.00 cm
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