5″ HD Video Baby Monitor with Mini Monitor


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Check in on baby day and night using our safe and secure encrypted connection. Included are two convenient video displays. The worlds smallest 3.81cm audio and video Mini Monitor is perfect for taking with you around the house to keep a constant watch on the little one. The 12.7cm High-Definition LCD Parent Unit can be placed on your night-stand or kitchen counter to check in on baby. It features “Best-in-Class”  battery life for extended use and is designed with a new, user-friendly interface for quick setup and ease-of-use. Its every mothers dream.


  • Secure 2.4 GHz static-free digital wireless transmission
  • Battery Life – Mini Monitor up to 8 hours, Parent Unit up to 16 hours, sound-activated power saving mode
  • Range up to 243 metres with clear line of sight
  • Remote pan/tilt/zoom camera
  • Room temperature sensor and infrared night vision
  • Two-way audio intercom – Play lullabies and white noise
  • Record video and snap photos (requires SD card sold separately)
  • Pair up to 4 cameras (quad view mode)
  • Additional cameras sold separately
  • Includes lullaby renditions of baby’s favourite rock songs brought to you by Rockabye Baby!
  1. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
  2. Holiday
  3. Jolene


  • Suitability: Paretal Use Only
  • Product Dimensions: (Camera) L: 88mm x W: 98mm x H: 115mm
  • Product Dimensions: (Main Monitor) L: 22mm x W: 175mm x H: 88mm
  • Product Dimensions: (MIni Monitor) L: 22mm x W: 41mm x H: 53mm
  • Weight: (Camera) 0.25kgs
  • Weight: (Main Monitor) 0.18kgs
  • Weight: (Mini Monitor) 0.04kgs

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1 x 5″ HD Video Baby Monitor with Mini Monitor

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